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Forward Carers

Age Concern Birmingham works in partnership with Forward Carers

Forward Carers is made up a group of not for profit organisations, led by Midland Mencap. Who have come together with the mission of making a real difference to the lives of carers. Forward Carers aim is simple – to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of carers, young and old, including parent carers, so that families stay healthier and happier together, for longer.

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Financial Advice

Contact Age Concern Birmingham for Financial Advice through Co-operative Wealth, who can help you make the most from your money – whether you have savings, investments or pensions. Co-operative Wealth can help with solutions for all, regardless of age, lifestyle or financial situation.

Initial consultation free of charge
Explore opportunities to meet your financial and lifestyle goals.
Take control of your financial future.
Support your chosen charity with a donation from Co-operative Wealth.

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Home Maintenance & Repair



Age Concern Birmingham also have their own handyperson service – The Age Concern Birmingham handyperson charges £30, for the first hour and £25 per hour after for each visit – for labour but can provide parts and materials at an additional charge. The handyperson can we carry out basic jobs, repairs, maintenance and adaptations around the home or in the garden. We can also carry out some large tasks subject to assessment.

Some examples Include:

  • Changing lightbulbs or a door lock
  • Carpentary tasks
  • Installing or replacing smoke alarms
  • Gardening
  • Painting a fence or a shed
  • Assembling flat pack furniture
  • General odd jobs, property maintenance and much more

We charge £30 for the first hours the £25 per hour excluding and materials needed. Staff are DBS checked for your own piece of mind.



Age Concern Birmingham works in partnership with a variety of different contractors that are handpicked to work with our clients. We offer a full range of services to maintain and improve your home, from cleaning windows to building an extension. Let one of our team members know what type of work you need doing, they will refer you on to the most appropriate partner to provide a free, no obligation quotation. We’ll also answer any other questions and queries you may have.

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Grant Assistance

Age Concern Birmingham manages Trust Funds on behalf of the following Trusts:

William Dudley Trust

George Fentham Trust

Baron Davenport Charitable Trust

The money allocated to these funds is given to benefit older people facing financial hardship or distress and live in the City of Birmingham in the form of a “grant”.

The information below gives further details of what the trust funds can pay for and how to apply for a trust fund grant.

Grants can be made for ‘white goods’ such as cookers, fridges, washing machines, tumble dryers (where medical evidence of need is provided) and gas fires, microwaves (where evidence of need is provided). The grant will also pay for beds, bed-linen, basic furniture grants from Ladywood furniture project, kitchen items such as kettles, saucepans, cutlery, linen, minor household and repairs.

Financial assistance can be provided in debt cases where a specific need has been proven such as avoiding court costs and reducing monthly/weekly debt repayments which are causing severe financial hardship.

How to apply for the grants

To apply for financial assistance from one of these Trust Funds please contact Age Concern Birmingham by email on info@ageconcernbirmingham.org.uk

Baron Davenport applications now have to be completed online.  This is for new applications and reapplications for the twice yearly fund.  Emergency fund applications for white goods such as cookers and fridges follow the same procedure.  Please contact us for further details.

A financial application form will be sent that will need to be completed by a member of ACB staff, social worker, support worker, advice work or health professional. This form cannot be completed by the client themselves or a friend/ family member.

Information required for the trust fund application:

1. Name, address, telephone number, age, date of birth, national insurance number.

2. Type of accommodation ie owner occupier, council tenant, private tenant.

3. Details of previous work history or military service.

4. A common financial statement will need to be completed detailing the client’s income and outgoings, which may need to be supported by proof.

5. Details of problem/need and item required.

All white goods are to be purchased through ACB. All references and order details need to be provided when the grant application is made.

Qualifying Criteria

For most of the trust funds clients must be over the age of 60 and resident in the City of Birmingham. They need to be in receipt of a limited income and not have savings in excess of £5000.  However each individual Trust has different requirements that have to be met.  Evidence of financial status will be required.

Applicants must have been resident in the City of Birmingham for at least 10 years be facing financial difficulty and have a limited income. Unless in exceptional circumstances grant applications cannot exceed £250.

Emergency Fund

Applicants must be over 60 years of age, female, widowed, spinster, divorced and facing a financial crisis whether it is the replacement of ‘white goods’, medical equipment or debt. They must also be on a limited income. Clients must have lived in Birmingham for at least 5 years. Unless there are exceptional circumstances grants must not exceed £250.00.

Baron Davenport Twice Yearly Grant

Age Concern Birmingham also administers a twice yearly grant on behalf of the Trust for single women on low income who are struggling to manage financially on a weekly basis. Applicants to be aged 60 years or over and either be a widow, a spinster or divorced, Applicants must live alone and have lived in Birmingham for at least five years. Their total income must not exceed £178 per week with savings less then £10,000.

Applicants living in rented accommodation receive a grant of £260.00 and owner occupiers £290.00.

The applicant must have a bank or a building society account in their own name into which a grant can be deposited.

Applications are made online. Please contact us on 0121 362 3650 for more information.

Recipients receive two grants each year – one at the end of June and another in November. Applications for the June distribution should be received by 15th March and for the November distribution, by 15th September.

On receipt of each grant the applicant will have to complete a short reapplication form in order to qualify for a further grant.

Applicants must be residents of Birmingham and there is no age limit providing Trust criteria has been followed. The Fund may assists those who are or have been in business or trade within the boundaries of the City of Birmingham, those who are in conditions of poverty and where assistance is not replacing public funds

A one-off grant of up to £350 can be made for equipment or household essentials. However this amount can be exceeded in exceptional circumstances.

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